We want to Welcome You

At LaGrange Women's Health, we are an OB-GYN practice committed to caring for women for life. Our physicians and professional staff look to go beyond the traditional physician-patient relationship to develop a lifelong partnership with our patients in the prevention and treatment of women’s health issues.

The most effective partnerships include an informed, enlightened patient. You’ll find links to physician-recommended educational resources that provide the latest information on preventive health measures and possible treatment options. On their individual blogs, our team of physicians will also provide commentary regarding current developments in women’s health issues.

In today’s hectic day-to-day life, time is a precious commodity, especially for women who are actively involved in their homes, with their children and in their careers. This healthcare portal also provides quick and easy solutions for patient communications and records management.

We want to hear from you but realize it’s not always convenient to drop everything to give us a call. Now existing patients can contact us through this site to request an appointment, to have a prescription refilled or just ask a simple question. For new patients, there are links to request an appointment and to electronic forms that can be completed prior to their first visit. Patients may also check for test results and manage their health records through a secure link to our patient management system.

Each of these resources will be available on your time, at your convenience. More convenience and greater efficiency is good for our patients and good for our practice. It’s part of our commitment to caring for women for life.